Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Services
Colorado Assessment and Treatment Center provides affordable outpatient substance abuse treatment. We are a licensed treatment facility.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
Evaluations are available to assess an individual’s level of use, misuse, abuse, or addiction to substances. Our drug and alcohol evaluators are trained and Certified by the state as addiction counselors. Reports can be made available to probation officers, and the court.

Substance Abuse Treatment
Substance Abuse Treatment is available for individuals who are struggling with the abuse or addiction to alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, pain pills, or other substances. We offer both individual therapy as well as group therapy to discuss topics such as substance use and mental health, substance use education, relapse prevention skills. Colorado Assessment and Treatment Center is dedicated to providing quality treatment to assist you in your road to recovery and living a healthy substance free lifestyle.

Mental Health Services

Psychiatric Services
Sometimes, it is necessary to turn to the medical profession to help alleviate the undesirable symptoms of mental health issues. Properly prescribed medication can assist in reducing or eliminating these symptoms, such as stabilizing moods, anxiety, or sleeplessness. Often, through the appropriate use of medication, people can more effectively utilize therapy to learn and use new methods of coping and managing their lives in a healthier manner.  CATC’s psychiatric prescriber can evaluate and monitor your medication needs, as part of your therapy.

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is a beneficial experience for anyone who seeks guidance through a difficult time in their life. Whether you are experiencing depression, mood swings, grief, anxiety, anger, addiction, or simply having trouble adjusting to the stress, demands, or changes in your life situation, professional counseling may be helpful for you. Colorado Assessment and Treatment Center provides competent, compassionate therapy to address these mental health issues.
Individual therapy will assist you in learning effective strategies to manage your mental health symptoms through recognizing and changing unrealistic, distorted, self-defeating thoughts and expectations, encouraging you to respond with healthy behaviors, and focusing on your strengths. As you begin to notice the positive changes and the progress you have made, you become more confident and capable in your ability to successfully navigate the mountains in your life.

Family Counseling
Is your family is experiencing communication problems, unresolved conflict, lack of trust, disrespect between members, or high stress? Family counseling can assist you by identifying unhealthy family dynamics, roles, and patterns, and facilitate restoration of the balance that results in family harmony. CATC can meet with you and your family members to begin the process of healing!

Group Therapy
Often, participating in group therapy is very helpful in treating a variety of mental health issues. Group members are encouraged to actively participate in discussion, which enriches the therapy experience. As each member contributes to the group, the dynamics for support, change, and healing are multiplied.

Mental Health Evaluations
Colorado Assessment and Treatment Center’s trained and expert mental health therapists will be able to provide a comprehensive mental health evaluation to determine mental health diagnoses and recommend appropriate treatment.

Psychological Evaluations
Our Licensed Psychologist or one of our psychologist students can conduct a full psychological evaluation complete with testing to determine presence of developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses, and personality disorders. These diagnoses are followed with comprehensive treatment recommendations.